Getting help with repairing or reinstating damaged buildings

This page provides links to helpful information and guidance about repairing or reinstating your property from damage sustained as a result of a natural disaster event.

Roles and responsibilities for managing buildings in an emergency

The Building Performance website provides information on roles and responsibilities for building management before and during an emergency. Guidance for homeowners and building owners, and remediation, repair and urgent works.

Managing buildings in an emergency(external link) — Building Performance

Restoring a home after flood damage

BRANZ has information on all aspects of damage caused by flood from immediately after the damage through to the repair/reinstatement of flood damage.  

BU666 Restoring a home after flood damage (2021)(external link) — BRANZ

Damage to timber flooring and/or wall linings

Timber floors

Guidance from Queensland around damage to different flooring types can be found on the Australian Timber Flooring Association Ltd website. 

Flood inundated timber floors information sheet(external link) — Australian Timber Flooring Association Ltd

Wall linings

The Building Performance website provides guidance on the assessment and repair of flood damaged wall linings, including bracing elements and specialised linings like wet area and intertenancy linings. 

Damage to wall linings (plasterboard) caused by flooding (external link) —Building Performance

Assessing water damage to GIB wall linings 

Information on assessment of water damage to GIB plasterboard linings, repairs and replacement can be found on the GIB website:

Assessing and remediating water damage to plasterboard linings(external link)— GIB

Finding a Licensed Building Practitioner

Information on how to find an appropriately licensed building practitioner in your area, including builders, designers and other relevant areas of expertise can be found on the Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) website.

Find an LBP(external link) — Licensed Building Practitioners

Engaging an expert structural or geotechnical engineer

Engineering New Zealand provides information on how to engage structural and geotechnical engineers.

Engaging an Engineer(external link) — Engineering NZ