In person support

When will the NZCRS attend physical hubs in areas impacted by a natural disaster?

We work with local communities to understand when the most appropriate time for us is to attend physical hubs in areas affected by a natural disaster.

The NZCRS usually attend hubs in regions approximately 4-6 weeks after a natural disaster. 

We have seen that most homeowners are likely to use the service once their immediate needs for temporary accommodation and other welfare requirements have been met.  The NZCRS services will also be most useful when a natural disaster moves from response to the recovery phase – when homeowners are likely to seek independent support and advice to resolve their insurance claims.

We encourage homeowners to contact their insurer in the first instance. We are also available to be contacted online and via direct phone lines.

The NZCRS will not usually set up in regions after a natural disaster when:

  • there is a state of emergency in place
  • accommodation/transport options are in short supply
  • authorities are still undertaking initial building assessments
  • there are Health and safety concerns for NZCRS staff if hubs were attended.

Doing this ensures NZCRS staff do not take up any critical resources that might otherwise be useful for people impacted by the disaster.  

Help is available

While there may be time challenges in attending physical hubs, we will still be available to provide advice and support remotely (by phone or online meetings) to those who contact us.