21 June 2022

Advisory Committee meeting minutes


Ingrid Bayliss (Chair), Miriam Dean (Barrister Director), Tania Williams (General Manager, Engineering NZ), Tom McBrearty (Chair, Homeowner Advisory Group), Craig Fookes (Treasury)

In attendance

Darren Wright (Director, GCCRS), Elsa Marshall (Administrator, GCCRS), Jane Bryden (Senior Communications Advisor, EQC), Lars Piepke (Chief Strategy Officer, EQC)


James Beard (Treasury), Lucy D’Aeth (Chair, Wellbeing Advisory Group), Casey Hurren (Chief Executive, Southern Response), Tina Mitchell (Chief Executive, EQC)

Meeting administration

Conflicts of interest

  1. No new conflicts of interest were declared.


  1. Actions from the previous meeting were reviewed and progress noted on the actions register.

Operational update

GCCRS operational update

  1. The GCCRS June 2022 Director’s Report was taken as read and discussed with members.
  2. A staff update was provided; the GCCRS will decrease from 13 to 10 case managers at the end of June 2022. This decrease in case mangers is expected to impact closure rates as remaining case managers work to get up to speed on the cases handed over to them.
  3. The satisfaction survey remains very positive with 100% of respondents giving 5/5 for the question ‘I would recommend GCCRS to others’.
  4. There are approximately 30 open Westport cases remaining with the Residential Advisory Service and there are no more planned trips to Westport. These remaining cases will be managed from Christchurch.
  5. It was noted in the last period the GCCRS have surpassed the significant milestone of 3000 closed cases.

Response to EQC Inquiry for dispute resolution mechanism

  1. A progress update was provided on the response to the EQC Inquiry for a dispute resolution mechanism to be established.

Treasury update

  1. An update on the Natural Hazards Bill was provided. It is currently at the select committee stage.

Advisory group update

Wellbeing Advisory Group

  1. The Wellbeing Advisory group update was provided by the Chair of the Homeowners Advisory group by request from the Chair of the Wellbeing Advisory Group.

Homeowner Advisory Group

  1. The group is continuing its work on recruiting new members.
  2. It was noted that the group is supportive of the Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal (CEIT) and intends to voice their support via a letter to relevant Ministers.

Legal Advisory Group

  1. The group has noted a slowdown in the number of facilitations and determinations coming into the GCCRS service.
  2. The group are focusing on the overlap between the Natural Hazards Bill and the response to the EQC inquiry as it relates to determinations. The group is considering providing a submission to the Treasury and the Select Committee.

Engineering Advisory Group

  1. A data update was provided; there are currently 9 open referrals to ENZ with a total of 387 completed referrals.

General business and next meeting

Next meeting

  1. The next Advisory Committee Meeting date is scheduled for Tuesday 27 September 2022.

The meeting closed at 2.40pm