28 November 2023

Advisory Committee meeting minutes


  • Ingrid Bayliss (Chair)
  • Tania Williams (General Manager – Member Services, Engineering New Zealand)
  • Tom McBrearty (Chair, Canterbury Homeowner Advisory Group)
  • Kate Tod (Chief Readiness Officer, Toka Tū Ake EQC)
  • Tim Grafton (Chief Executive, ICNZ)
  • Edward Butler (Solicitor, MBIE)
  • Hamish Wall (Strategic Advisor, Toka Tū Ake EQC)
  • Lucy D’Aeth (Chair, Canterbury Wellbeing Advisory Group)

In attendance

  • Darren Wright (Director, NZCRS)
  • Kirsty Hamilton (Principal Advisor, NZCRS)
  • Susan Rolton (Team Leader Support, NZCRS)


  • Tina Mitchell (Chief Executive, Toka Tū Ake EQC)
  • Casey Hurren (Chief Executive, Southern Response)
  • Miriam Dean (Barrister Director)

Meeting Administration

Conflicts of Interest

  1. No conflicts of interest were declared.


  1. Actions from the previous meeting were reviewed and progress noted on the actions register.
  2. The Chair acknowledged the passing of Aidan Prebble and recognised the significant contribution he made to the Legal Advisory Group.


NZCRS Operational

  1. The Director spoke to his Director’s Report. Discussion followed and the group noted the demand for services remains strong but is beginning to trend downwards at this point for North Island events, which will be monitored carefully.
  2. A staffing update was provided with average caseloads per Case Manager decreasing to an appropriate and manageable level as a result of the additional resourcing.
  3. As to Canterbury Earthquakes claims, the group discussed the progression of aged cases and noted the 33% increase is older cases closed over the quarter.
  4. NZCRS anticipates an increase is cases referred to the Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal, as this service is expected to finish June 2024.
  5. The exit survey results were noted with satisfaction remaining strong and 91% of homeowners reporting they would recommend the NZCRS to others.
  6. Tim Grafton (ICNZ) thanked NZCRS staff for their work in the North Island weather events and noted the ongoing demand for services will continue to pose challenges for NZCRS.

Advisory Group Update

Canterbury Wellbeing Advisory Group

  1. The wellbeing support model as a key component of the NZCRS service offerings was discussed and its evolution noted.
  2. Wellbeing support throughout New Zealand was discussed with NZCRS engaging local community groups to deliver on the ground support to those in need.
  3. Lucy D’Aeth announced her resignation from the Wellbeing Advisory Group and from the Committee. The Chair acknowledged the significant contribution Lucy has made to the Group, the GCCRS and NZCRS and the many homeowners supported.

Canterbury Homeowner Advisory Group

  1. The NZCRS positive team culture was discussed with the Group acknowledging the increase in the team size since early 2023.
  2. Tom McBrearty thanked NZCRS for their efforts in the submission for the Toka Tū Ake EQC dispute resolution scheme.

Legal Advisory Group

  1. Toka Tū Ake EQC’s procurement process for their dispute resolution scheme was discussed with NZCRS confirming it had submitted a proposal to be an approved scheme. The Director will seek the Group’s advice on its own dispute resolution service, should NZCRS not be successful.

Engineering Advisory Group

  1. An update on the Legacy Project was provided, with the documentation now being complete and available on Engineering NZ and NZCRS’ websites
  2. The engineering information sessions were discussed with the Committee agreeing these have been successful in getting the industry together. Engineering New Zealand sought support from the Committee on these sessions continuing.

Review of Agenda

General Business

  1. Ongoing engagement with the Chief Ombudsman’s Office was discussed.
  2. The next Advisory Committee meeting date is scheduled for 5 March 2024.

Meeting closed: 1.54pm