How to engage an engineer

If you need an engineer to carry out a damage assessment, we’ve prepared some information to make the process easier.

Engineering New Zealand has developed guidance for homeowners, which is available on its website. This information tells you what an engineer’s role is, how to find and engage one, and what happens once you have engaged them.

Engaging an Engineer(external link) — Engineering New Zealand

Engineering New Zealand has also developed a template letter of engagement that anyone can use to engage an engineer to carry out a damage assessment and provide reinstatement recommendations. Using the template helps make sure everyone involved is on the same page and can prevent later conflict.

The Greater Christchurch Claims Resolution Services encourages homeowners to use this information and letter of engagement when instructing an engineer. It clearly outlines the engineer’s role and responsibilities in the insurance context, as well as what homeowners should be asking their engineer to look at and definitions of key terms.

Engineering New Zealand’s letter of engagement(external link)