3 October 2022

Canterbury Wellbeing Advisory Group meeting minutes


Lucy D’Aeth (Chair), Tom McBrearty (Chair, GCCRS HOAG)

In attendance

Darren Wright (Director GCCRS), Beata Dvorakova (MBIE)


Greg Hamilton (CDHB), Paul Saunders (Community Mental
Health Service), Jackie Moore (Wellbeing Support)

Meeting administration

  1. Conflicts of Interest
    1. No new conflicts of interest arose.
  2. Minutes and actions
    1. Actions from the previous meeting were reviewed and progress noted.

Operational update

  1. No quorum - meeting is postponed

Review of agenda

  1. The next Wellbeing Advisory Group meeting date is scheduled for Thursday 8 December 2022.

Meeting closed: 09:04 am.